2012 Internet Marketing
For Small Business
Industry Report

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Despite the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). There is a significant percentage of small business owners across the world that have enjoyed tremendous growth over the last year.

  • Who are these business people?
  • What do they know that other businesses don't?
  • How are they working differently to enable such results.

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This report looks at the information provided by over 1280 small business participants, your peers. Particularly focusing on the top 11.8% of respondents in an effort to see what lessons can be gleaned - as to what this group is doing differently to the rest.

As such, this 27 page report provides a valuable insight to any small business person wishing to improving the results from their internet marketing efforts.

In this report you will discover:

  • Details about the most successful business type: We reveal their business size, time commitment, knowledge, experience and more and compare them to the average.
  • What are the benefits being reaped: We look at the top group and compare them to the average.
  • What are the most successful internet marketing activities: We explore traditional internet marketing, social media activities and highlight the tools in each that are being used most successfully.
  • What participants intend to change: What the survey participants intend to do differently in the next 12 months.
  • What internet marketing activities are being outsourced: Which activities and how wide spread is outsourcing.
  • Advertising Budgets: We look at how much money is being spent, by which groups, on what and how this will change.
  • And Much More.

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Claude Alwan

Founder of Internet-Marketing-For-Small-Business.net

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