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How To Easily Grow Your Own Online Sales Force

How would you like to increase the sales of your products or services via your own online sales force, with-out all the regular drama that looking after a sales force entails. Sounds enticing? This is possible through growing your own affiliate marketing network.

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Even though online retail spending in 2011 had jumped to $171 billion. For many small businesses, particularly service businesses, having your own affiliate marketing network is a much under utilised way of marketing online. It truly is as easy as filling in an online registration form, you do not necessarily even have to have a website set-up for e-commerce to take advantage of this type of online marketing. In recent years the sale of electronic goods such as e-books and music seemed to dominate affiliate marketing sales around the globe. However in this article I'd like to touch upon another way that those in service businesses in particular, can take advantage of this medium and supplement their sales in an almost totally automated way.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

First of all, let me describe for you how affiliate marketing works. Affiliate marketing is made possible via a third party facilitator whom handles the tracking, accounting and payment of commissions of businesses whom wish to sell their wares, ( either hard-goods or e-goods ). The facilitators website becomes the hub where those businesses wishing to sell their wares and affiliate marketers meet and decide if a mutually beneficial partnership can be formed.

There are affiliate marketing websites that specialise in e-goods, a leader in this area is Others, like deal in both hard-goods as well as e-goods.

Different Ways To Offer Your Product

Businesses with goods to sell can usually choose a variety of different ways to pay their own online sales force, either per sale ( CPA ) , per lead ( CPL ) or per click ( CPC ). Tanya Tan who runs an online maternity shop has had an affiliate marketing network or sales force for nearly 2 years. Without any focused activity in growing her affiliate marketing network, it has grown to nearly 200. For her business, paying her affiliates per sale ( CPA ) makes sense, says Tanya. Tanya also says that affiliate marketing for her business is a good ad-on and provides supplemental income without having to do a lot. The affiliates place banners or text links on their websites to promote products or services, nearly all the marketing is done by the affiliate. Tanya says in her case about 20% of her affiliates produce the majority of the sales gained from her affiliate network.

For those in service businesses whom may not necessarily have hard-goods to sell, selling discount coupons is a good product offering that can be promoted via an online sales force. These could be sold in books of various sizes. Despite your business, anything that maybe of value to your customer is saleable and can be packaged in a way that can be sold via your online sales force.

One factor to affiliate marketing success is to ensure that your affiliates are amply rewarded for their sales efforts. Most facilities allow you to pay your affiliates either a fixed dollar amount or as a percentage per sale. Generally speaking if you do not have a well known and trusted product or service, you may find that offering a higher commission rate helpful. For example, Tanya initially offered a 5% commission rate before changing it to 10%. In her case, that was all she needed to do to grow her sales force to what it is now.

Wishing your affiliate marketing network success!

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