Learn Successful Internet Marketing for Small Business or Die !!!

There is a maxim that rings true when you are internet marketing for small business or any type of business for that matter.

No matter what business you are in, or how good you are at what you do, if your competitor is a better marketer than you, they will always out sell you.

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Learn Internet Marketing For Small Business Or Die !

This is a cold but true fact, that every small business person really needs to grasp or they will perish. Years ago, the very first idea that my small business mentor got me thinking about was this very truth. In short, he showed me the importance of transforming my thinking from that of a person working in his business into that of a person marketing his business.

Coming as it did from someone who earned $500,000 per year as a one man show in his Carpet Cleaning Business. I was all ears.

Back then (2004 - ancient history in internet terms) I knew how to build a website but I had no idea of how to market a website. In fact, I thought by simply building a website for my business I was marketing my business online. How wrong I was! It is a mistake that many small business owners make today.

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I had my own real world carpet cleaning business, www.stainfree-carpet-cleaning.com.au (now sold) and I just knew that if I could crack this internet thing (get a good understanding of marketing on the internet) I would be ahead of a lot of my competition. This ambition for many small business owners is still true today, thanks to the ever changing nature of the internet. Of course, one big difference between then and now, is simply the competition - there are more websites online now.

As my understanding grew, so did the number of changes to my website. It underwent eight big transformations until it gave me what I wanted, domination of my local market. In 2006 I finally got what I was after, a 1st place rank in the organic (free) search of Google and in a number of other search engines saving me many thousands of dollars in online advertising and advertising in general. I am very proud to say that as at the time of writting this article, it has consistently held that position. Even after having to sell it due to an illness that made it physically impossible to continue.

Why Most Small Business People Fail To Market Their Businesses Successfully On The Internet

It is a sad but true fact that one of the main reasons that most small businesses fail online can be contributed to one or more of the following points:

  • They convince themselves they don't need a website because they are too busy as it is.
  • They have a website, but it does nothing for them.
  • They believe that internet marketing for small business is too scarey to attempt themselves.
  • They believe building and marketing their website is too expensive

I am here to blow all these fears, concerns and myths away and show you how your business can truly thrive online. To show you that you can be successful at internet marketing for small business . Your business.

Are you ready?

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