How to Upgrade to LinkedIn's New Company Pages and Why You Should

By guest author - Carlo Pandian

LinkedIn is an incredible valuable social media tool which allows professionals and companies to interact with each other online. It can be used for networking, recruiting, making connections and promoting your products or services. Many small businesses have already created profiles and are using this social media platform to its full potential.

LinkedIn has recently undergone a site-wide redesign; changing the home page as well as creating a totally new look for the company pages. The newly designed pages look better as well; functioning more smoothly and intuitively. The goal of the redesign was to simplify the experience and improve it, making the profiles easier to navigate and more attractive.

If you are a small business with a presonal profile on LinkedIn, now is the time to to expand your exposure and add a company profile as well. The new profiles are similar to Facebook profiles because they present a large banner image at the top of the page, similar to a Facebook cover photo.

Your company updates will be displayed below the banner, which allows page visitors to interact with your content in an easier and much more prominent way. The visual focus of the new design allows small business and companies to emphasise their products and services and attract new employees, customers and clients. Company pages have also become available on all mobile devices via the LinkedIn Android, iPhone and iPad apps.

How to Add a Company Profile

Adding a company profile to LinkedIn is very easy.

Once you have logged in under your own personal profile.

  • Go to the Companies link in the navigation bar up top.
  • Then simple click the Add a Company link on the right hand side and complete your company profile.

On the new profile you can also add job openings to your company profile, which will display in the featured section on the sidebar. You can also upgrade your About Page, as the new design allows you to incorporate YouTube videos and photos as well as links to your website and other social media accounts. When you are finished with the design, click "Publish" and you are ready to use your new upgraded profile to take advantage of all of LinkedIn's networking opportunities.

LinkedIn - Carlo Pandian


Carlo Pandian is a freelance blogger and writes tutorials on Intuit Australia QuickBooks Online accounting software.

He has contributed to several blogs such as Unashamedly Creative, Dynamic Business and Regret Nothing.


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