Our Tools of Trade

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The aim of this page is to give you a quick reference guide to all the tools that I use and recommend, to help you build a more effective website and business. Please note, that I will add to this list over time as I learn more about new internet marketing tools and services that I come across that I feel confident will benefit you and your business going forward.

Disclosure: Please note that I am an affiliate of some of the tools listed here, this enables me to earn a commission on any purchase made, ( at no extra cost to you ), should you choose to purchase anything at all. You will note that I have mentioned other tools else where in this site and yet I have not listed them here. That is because I only list tools here that I personally feel confident will give my readers the best possible experience in using them. If they don't make this list you can be assured that for whatever reason they do not carry my recommendation. Please only make purchases only if you feel that you can benefit from them.

Our Services

Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter Marketing We can Set-up and managementyour social media activity.


Copywriting If you need a hand writing content for your website.

HTML help

HTML help For inexpensive and accurate html help that is guaranteed.

Website Marketing Strategies

Website Marketing Strategies Let us do the ongoing marketing and management of your website.


Our Affiliate Links

Website building Software / Blog Creation

Site Build It / SBI This is the best website building software and internet marketing tool that I use to create number 1 ranking websites like this one, in Google and elsewhere. It is great for the beginner and expert webmaster a-like. It comes with volumes of How To Guides, in both written and video format, to show you how to use the product as well as giving you lessons on internet marketing. You do not need to know how to code at all to get your-self up and running and building traffic for your "real world" business.

For more info [...] read our web page on SiteBuildIt

Email Marketing Tool

Aweber I have used a number of different Email Marketing tools. If you've subscribed to my newsletter you would know, that I switched from my previous email marketing tool in favour of Aweber. I wish I would have found Aweber earlier. It is dead simple to use, I was up and running in minutes, plus any changes you make are updated straight away. There is no need for updating code in your pages. I highly recommend this tool.

Social Media Management Tools This is by far the best social media management tool that you will use. If your short on time and really want to grab the social media promotional bull by the horns this is a must use tool.

For more info [...] read our web page on SocialMediaTools & Hootsuite

Logo Design Service

Logo Design just $149 Here is a good online logo design service that wont brake the bank. The Logo Co' will create five great looking logos and allow you to take your pick. I can highly recommend these people they are great and quick. They created my logo for this site.

For more info [...] read our web page on Graphic Web Designer

Free Tools

Traffic Counter & Analysis Tools

Google Analytics is simply the worlds best free traffic analysis tool. It is dead easy to install on your site, just copy and paste the code from Google onto your website or blog.


AWeber - Email Marketing Made Easy

HootSuite - Social Media Management System