The Power of Positive Thinking

It is pointless being in business to only get mediocre results or worse. You are a qualified professional in your field, you have excellent customer service and sales skills. Yet you can't seem to crack the yolk of success. Why? The answer may be your thoughts.

The power of positive thinking picThe power of positive thinking

We all know of people that seem to succeed easily at almost anything they try and people that seem to struggle with everything. We as business people marvel at the true stories of individuals such as Steve Jobs from Apple Inc. who took his fledgeling business from his parents garage and built it into the largest company in the world.

Many of us shake our heads in admiration and wonder how reaching that level of “success” in one life time is possible. Many shake their heads in dismay thinking that they could never do what Steve did. Many more of us are content just to run our small one man business even if may never grow beyond that.

Whether we run a successful large multinational or a successful small business. There are definite principles at work in both cases. What are these principles and how do I put them to work to help me in my own business? Here it is in one sentence.

The first is the power of positive thinking, the other is repeatedly applying your creativity to overcome problems and create new opportunities. To the degree that we continually apply both principles consciously or unconsciously, to that same degree are we able to succeed at anything we put our minds to.

What Is The Power Of Positive Thinking?

I believe many of us don't really understand this principle. Simply put, it is applying the power of thought, in a positive way, but what about the power of thought? The great 20th century Yogi and spiritual teacher Paramahansa Yogananda, accomplished more within his lifetime than many dreamed possible. He said about thought that “...when we continually think in a certain direction, a pattern or blueprint is formed in the astral ( the realm of subtle energies ) ...” He also says that “If we persist in thinking in that way, the pattern will eventually manifest on earth ... in body, mind or spirit. If you have a positive attitude, you will realise that mysterious forces come to your aid to fulfil your desires.” These 'mysterious forces' are the subtle astral energies that are activated by the power of thought.

Applying Your Creativity

So successful people are those persons who habitually employ the power of positive thought. However Yogananda also states that just thinking your way to success is not enough, you must create. Having a desire of running a successful business is not enough, you must think about the practical ways of manifesting this business in your life. Once manifested you must continually use your creativity to overcome various problems until it is a success. The moment you stop using your creativity, what you have built will start to unravel.

An Amazing Example Of Affirmations In Practice

The year was 2005, in Australia the show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire had been running for six years with no-one taking out the top prize of $1 Million.

I had been watching the show periodically, and frankly, it was getting kind of boring. Contestants would either bomb out before answering the million dollar question or they would get close to it, but did not want to risk what they had won if they got the last question wrong.

On Monday October 17, Rob "the coach" Fulton, as Eddie McGuire ( the presenter ) had nick named him, took center stage. Rob worked his way faultlessly through each question and finally answered the last question correctly, "earning" him $1 Million.

The reason why I say Earning and not Winning was amply demonstrated by Eddie after Rob had won the grand prize. Eddie revealed to the totally stoked audience, how this history making player took out the grand prize. Joining him on center stage was his girlfriend Claire.

He revealed just how committed Rob was, to winning his $1 million. He showed the audience at least 3 to 5 exercise books full of potential questions and answers that Rob had been studying for the best part of nearly 2 years. In addition Rob revealed that he had been practising visualisation and had written books full of affirmations not only stating that he would win the shows grand prize but that he would be Australia's first to win it. He achieved both.

It is interesting to note that it was only the next month in November of the same year that the second person in the shows history also won the million dollars.

Applying The Power Of Positive Thinking By Using Affirmations

The practice of positive affirmations is something else that many of us have heard of, but few know how to practice correctly. When practised correctly it is an excellent way to develop an unconquerable positive attitude.

Yogananda reminds us of the following points when practising affirmations:

  1. The key thing to remember is that the practise of affirmations is the repetition of a statement of truth. Affirmations such as I am peaceful, I am peaceful, when angry, is not a statement of truth. Rather a better one would be, “I enjoy being calm and peaceful”.
  2. Phrase your affirmations in the positive only.
  3. Best times to practise is immediately after waking in the morning and just before going to sleep.
  4. Environment should be quiet, calm, peaceful and free from distractions.
  5. Relax the body and calm the mind, sit with a straight spine.
  6. Free your mind from stress or worry.
  7. Begin your affirmation in a whisper, then utter them mentally only, with ever increasing concentration until you become aware of nothing else but your affirmation. (try forgetting that you are sitting and doing your affirmations. Instead try to only think about repeating your affirmation 3 times only with concentration, then start over again and again until you do forget about everything else around you.)
  8. Belief in what your affirming is of utmost importance.
  9. Even if you don't see any desired change at first, keep on, and expect things will improve.

Some sample affirmations for material success:

"I know that God's power is limitless; and as I am made in His image, I too have the strength to overcome all obstacles."

"I am Gods child. What he has, I have."

"Father I am a spark of your divine flame. I therefore share in your limitless and divine wisdom, health and prosperity."

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