YouTube Marketing, 6 Hot Tips On How To Market Your YouTube Video More Effectively

By guest author - Vinay Kumar

Videos are effective marketing tools as they grab audience's attention instantly. But with the growing popularity of video marketing, thousands of videos are uploaded on the web each day. So, in such a highly competitive market how will you make your video exceptional from your competitors? Here are some useful tips on how to market your business using videos.

#1: Video with clarity

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As you are promoting your business through video, it should have both picture as well as audio clarity. A good video will connect customers on a deeper level. A video that entertains as well as informs are videos that people tend to share with their friends. Moreover, your video should convey your message in an clear manner related to your topic. It should also have a clear call to action.

#2: Use the right keywords or search terms

It is very important to identify the keywords or search terms that people use to find the videos they are after and then optimize your video for those keywords. For this purpose you can use YouTube's keyword tool to select a range of keywords that relates to your business. However, experts advise to use keywords at the beginning of a video's title for better results.

#3: Adding of annotations

If used properly with a video, annotations could prove to be an effective tool. Many online marketers use annotations to allow their visitors to like their video's, subscribe or allow their visitor's to view a sequence in a play list.

#4: Using a transcript

Some online marketing experts write out a transcript of the video and save it in the description of the video. The transcript can then be crawled and indexed by search engines. So, if the transcript is well written and informative then it can give you the upper hand in getting a good ranking.

#5: Use social media to share

To give your video a boost of visitors try share it amoung your friends and followers in social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc. There are online marketers who even share videos through email.

#6: Keep it short

Keep your videos short and to the point. It has been shown that videos that are short (approx 3mins) but still informative and entertaining have more views than others. Also ensure that it reflects your brand and carries an engaging call to action.

Videos are an influential marketing tool and can attract tremendous audiences compared to traditional marketing. As millions of people are searching for videos that are informative.

If you have not created and uploaded a video yet, give it a go today.


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