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The art of article marketing promotion can indeed generate a lot of traffic and its side product money (if done properly). It can also help increase the popularity of your site by pushing up your page rank, diversify your traffic and help establish you as an authority in your field. However do you know the best way to use this medium?

In this article, I aim to give you best article marketing help, tips and strategies, as well as show you how to avoid the pitfalls.

what is article marketing ?

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Article marketing is the art of; first of all creating content / articles that not only capture the attention and interest of the reader but are also free, compelling and in demand.

Once the article has been created it is then posted on your site or blog and any number of article promotion websites ready for syndication or to distribute copies of your article to other sites. The end result is that your article gains enough exposure so that traffic begins to flow back from the article via a link usually in the authors bio, back to your site.

article marketing research

There is no point trying to promote an article that is not in demand. The best way to ensure an article topic is in demand is to do your research first. When it comes to good article marketing promotion or article search engine optimisation (SEO), good keyword research is as vital as air is to humans.

There are a number of good keyword research tools on the web both free and paid for. One such good free tool that I have recently become aware of is another is wordtracker's free keyword research tool. Both provide you the ability to research your topic and keywords to see how much demand and competition exists for that keyword or phrase.

article marketing tips

Below are a list of proven tips that I use to in my article marketing promotion efforts. That return me a Click Through Rate (CTR) well above the average usually between 5 and 6 percent.

#1: Find a keyword research tool that your happy with and really get to understand the way it works as well as the metrics it gives you. This is vital otherwise your time is wasted.

#2: Then after you've finished your research, create your Great, Free, Compelling and In Demand article. Keep your article free from the sales pitch, readers can pick it up a mile away. Stick a picture of your intended customer in front of you or do what you have to, to remind you of your target audience and that your trying your best to help them.

Please click the following link to our web page for more information on how to create content.

#3: Keep the article short, ideally between 400 – 700 words but certainly try not to go over a 1000 words. Be mindful of peoples time.

#4: After you've finished your article and your happy with it take the time to first research a list of article marketing promotion services. The idea here is as your after a lot of traffic you really want to use your time effectively so submit to sites that already have a lot of traffic and rank well at the search engines. I have done some of the work for you and listed a number of favourites below.

#5: Get the Click, good sites such as have excellent tips for creating your Authors Bio pay careful attention to their advice. Remember all your effort is in vain if you don't get the click back to your site.

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