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The Best Website Building Software For Your Small Business ?

If you are like many small businesses, you recognise the need to effectively market your business on the internet using the best website building software available. You may however have the following issues:

  • You have little time at the end of the day to build, manage and promote your website.
  • You may not have the know-how as to how to build and market your website effectively.
  • You would rather not spend many thousands of dollars in the process.

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If this sounds like you then read on. In my time of being involed in building websites, I have seen a wide variety of different website building software. Some of them frustrating and in my humble opinion were not worth the money spent on them. In this article I will focus on the top 2 best of breed types of software available, to allow you to decide which type of website building software would be best for you.

When it comes down to it there really are only two types of website building software; online (or browser based) and computer based.

The differences are very important to understand, because in choosing the software you want it to be the best suited to YOU and your business.

How to do that:

Start by asking yourself these essential questions first.

  • What platform does your business or your webmaster use. Is it PC or Mac / perhaps both?
  • Are you a home based business? If not, where are your computers located, locally (within the same building) or remotely?
  • If you will be the person building the your website, how internet marketing savvy are you?

In answering the above questions you really are covering the following issues of compatibility, access (to the software) and marketing support.

For many small businesses (employing less than 5 employees plus owner), in my opinion you would be hard pushed to find a reason why you would not want to use a browser based type of software, simply because it covers all the above mentioned issues so well. However if for what ever reason ( perhaps you want greater design flexiblity etc) you would prefer computer based software. I have listed below what I believe to be the best of that breed as well.

The best website building software :
For the (online & browser based) category is

Site Build It

sbi / site build it best website building software browser basedSite Build It !
best website
building software
- browser based

The firm that produced Site Build It has long been a fore-runner if not one of the pioneers in the industry of developing bundled software ( That is a package that has all the components you need, eg software, domain name, hosting, training for the softtare and marketing, etc). When you use the software you will quickly see that the people that created the software not only understand building websites but website marketing as well, and over deliver by imparting that knowledge to you via the products many videos and articles. The software, courseware and everything you need is accessed via the internet, making it accessible from any computer that has internet access as well as being PC and Mac compatible.

Over the years, this product according to many of its' video testimonies has helped many win their way to financial freedom and small business success.

Please click the following link to our web page for more information on Site Build It .

Please click the following link to our web page for more information on differences between a blog vs website .

The best website building software :
For the desktop application category is:


X SitePro / xsitepro best website building software for desktopsXSitePro !
best website
building software
- Desktop Application

On the surface of it the XSitePro software present the user with a great looking and easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) and has some great built in features such as the ability to easily give you a second version of your site that is mobile phone browser friendly. It also includes easy to follow videos that show you not only how to use the software but also internet marketing courseware. On the downside though the makers of the software do state that it is not built to run on the native Mac platform. However it can run rather clumsily using a PC emulator on the Mac Platform.

Undoubtedly this is great software and is helping those small business people whom choose to purchase the product.

Please click link for more details and video demo's.

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