Blog vs Website, Which Is Best For a Carpet Cleaning Business?

What Is The Difference Between a Blog vs Website.

It is getting harder and harder these days to tell the difference between a blog vs website. However it is important to know the differences so you can choose which platform would work best for your business.

Blog VS Website ?Blog Vs Website Software?

There is a host of plugin's or add on's that are compatible with both the traditional website as well as a blog, increasingly blurring the distinguishing features between them. Well before Blogging became popular. The only way something could be published online was via what most of us know as a website.

Some distinguishing features of a website, is it's navigation or menu bar, traditionally located at the left-hand side of a page, but not uncommonly along the top, or right-hand side as well. Although many blogs do tend to carry a menu bar along the top. The key difference here is many websites display much if not all of their content via their menu bar. Where as due to the nature of blogging, most of a blogs content tends to be buried beneath the surface within it's database of articles.

Therein lies another key difference. Not in their features so much, but rather what they are used for. Blogs are used mostly by those whom intend to be producing a lot of articles or topical information frequently. Typically 1 to 3 times per week or more. In this way they tend to establish themselves as an authority in their field and in doing so attract a community of followers or readers. These readers would typically be kept up to date with fresh information by subscribing to the blog either via RSS, Email or Social Media.

Websites on the other hand tend to carry information that is fairly static in nature ( stays current for longer periods of time, perhaps even years ). This makes a website a much more appropriate tool, for businesses such as carpet cleaners that do not have a need to change its content pages frequently.

There is an argument however, that tends to lend itself to the rationnel behind blogging vs getting a website. Which is, search engines like frequently updated information and if you blog frequently, you are more likely to end up ranking well with the search engines. This is rather a narrow argument however as there is nothing stopping the owner of a website posting articles just as frequently.

sbi site build it picBlog vs Website Software?

Whether it be a blog or a traditional static website. Success on the internet, is a result of being able to secure traffic online. If you don't know how to market your blog or website on the internet you are not going to get very far. In other words simply having one or the other, won't impact the performance of either unless you are good at building online traffic.

So which path should you take, to promote your business. If you run a service business like a carpet cleaning business. I would lean strongly for a website for the following main reasons:

  • Small businesses like carpet cleaners, tend to be low on resources or staff. Therefore can not afford many hours not focused on their core business.
  • For the above reason, small businesses need more marketing support to successfully market themselves online, than many blogging platforms including WordPress can provide. Please Click on the following affiliate link for more information.

    Best Website Building Software, for Small Businesses? SBI! or WordPress? Do The Math?

If you do need more support marketing online, I suggest you save yourself time and money by purchasing a website creation and marketing package such as SiteBuildIt. Click my affiliate link for more information on Site Build It.

So if your interested in taking action on your website that will result in long term free traffic and increased sales.

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