Create Content! The Secrets of Sustained Web Traffic Revealed

Are you a small business that's drowning under the weight of advertising bills?. You're not alone, many, many businesses have the same problem. What if I said to you the solution to your problem is both simple and free.

create content for web traffic Create Content; Secrets of
Sustained Web Traffic Revealed

The solution is to create content. I know what your thinking, “what type of content?", "how?". Well relax! All will soon be revealed.

Since the advent of the internet, whole new industries have emerged that utilise these principles. How do you think Google, Yahoo, YouTube and every single successful online organisation make their money. They use exactly the same principle and do you want to know what the good news is? So can you!

That's right! The use of this principle does not depend on having access to lots of money, or a holder of a university degree. All it takes is a passion and knowledge about something you know about. For many of us this something can be our work or hobby. However before I tell you what this principle is I want to give you just two examples who use this principle very, very well.

One of them is a online company that is only a couple of years old. They do not employ hundreds of people and the CEO answers his own emails. They have an annual turnover of $1 million they are

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The second is Lisa Irby who generates a six figure income using exactly the same principle. Lisa is principly an Affiliate Marketer that also has Google Adsense on her site as well! Here is more about her YouTube Video.

Now if Lisa can generate that sort of money from only a few cents per sale, imagine what you could do in your business from earning much more than that per sale. Sure, different business but same principle. For instance my carpet cleaning business paid me an average of $183 per sale. Now are you ready to find out what this principle is?

Provide Free, Great, Compelling And In Demand Content

The principal I speak of is to provide what I call Free, Great, Compelling And In Demand Content. In my web page how-to-increase-web-traffic I give a brief brake down and explanation of this principal. In this article I'd like to go into more detail of each component.

Create Great Content

Content can be many things. For search engines like Google, content is the search results it gives to its users. It can also be video, music or any other medium that conveys information. But for the majority of web users content principally means the written word. So this article focuses on that .

The very essence of providing Great Content is to ensure you have the basics such as spelling, grammar and punctuation right. Most word processes have great in-built tools for this.

Using lots of white space by keeping paragraphs short usually between 2 and 5 sentences and images help in both drawing in the reader and de-clutters the content making it easier to read. I normally like to add no more than one image per 300 words.

Backing up your statements by providing links to outside resources can also help in giving you credibility and make you an authority in your field.

Create Compelling Content

create content compelling

The next thing is to create content that you are interested in. Because the easiest way to project enthusiasm in your topic is to have the voice of experience come through, which really is key to adding life to your content.

Also remember your audience when your write, don't pitch beyond or below your target market. However keep in mind that most people read easiest at level of a thirteen year old.

Tell a story and answer your readers problems and ask questions to engage them. In this article for example I know that most of my readers have or are interested in some type of small business that may or may not have a website. In addition they are interested in finding out how to create content to help their website increase in traffic.

Create In Demand Content

The best written content in the world won't give you traffic if there is no demand for it. Their needs to be a demand for your line of business or you will go broke. Having said that there are many ways to find out if the content you want to write for your businesses website or blog has any demand. This is where Keyword Research is key and without it you likely will not get very far at all.

There are many tools free and paid for on the web to help you do your keyword research and I have used both. All I can say is from my experience the free ones are free for a reason. That does not mean that some of them are not any good. It just means they are limited to their effectiveness.

Either way you if you are serious in increasing traffic to your website or blog via content getting yourself a good keyword research tool is a must. I suggest you either do your own research and look up Keyword Research Tools on the web or you can use the one I use which is called Brainstorm It . It comes built into a website building software package called SBI or Site Build It. ( I want to disclose here that I earn an affliate commsion from this product).

Create Free and valuable Content is the key to going Viral

Create Content free

Giving anything away is scary to a lot of businesses. But when you think about it, it is really a very clever way of marketing. Users of the internet have woken up to the fact that there are many people on the web that just want their money in exchange for dud products. That is why when you provide good products / services via your website or blog that is both valuable to your reader especially when it is free. They are much more likely to tell their friends about you and the great thing is when they compare you to the fly-by nighters, you stands out as the hero?

This is called going viral and what making it easy for your readers to tell their friends about you helps in this process. This is why you will see on many good websites and blogs social media buttons such as the ones from Facebook and Twitter. So if someone chooses to tell their friends about a great article that has helped them they can do so from within the page.

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If your interested in taking action on your website that will result in long term free traffic and increased sales.

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