Domain Name Info - What Are The Best Types & How To Use Them?

Researching your domain name info

Do you know how to find the most suitable domain name for your business? Which of the many domain name extensions should you choose from when marketing your particular business? In my experience, a good domain name can count for up to fifty percent on whether or not you win the search engine battle in getting your site noticed.

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Why The Right Domain Name Is Vital

The domain name info or Universal Resource Locator (URL) of a website is vital. It is the means or way for visitors to find your website or pages on the web. It is your sites address and without it is impossible for people looking for your web site to find you. With the number of active websites on the internet growing, more and more domain name extensions or generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) such as a .com, .net etc as well as country code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) such as .au for Australia and .ca for Canada have needed to have been created.

The Role Of Keywords In Choosing A Domain Name

Good keyword research is very important, in choosing a good domain name. With more than a 130 million active sites out there. Your website is just not going to get noticed, without good research.

You may have heard of the old saying "a battle is sometimes won or lost before the troops hit the battle-field". This maxim can be applied when choosing a good domain name. Years ago I used to say if your site does not appear somewhere in the top 30 results of a given search engine you are virtually invisable. These days it is more like the top 10, preferably the top 3 results.

There are plenty of good free keyword research tools on the web but like anything you do only get what you pay for. I'll give you a few tips on resources at the bottom of this page.

Components Of A Good Domain Name

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Lets look at the components of a good domain name. In our example I have used a generic Top Level Domain or (gTLD). A domain name is made up of one or more parts, called labels, that are separated by dots. The part we are interested in for now is the part that precedes the .net in this case, it is sydneybabyphotography, which belongs to a client of mine. The reason this makes a good domain name is because the name clearly and in only a few words describes both the nature of the business they are in as well as the location in which the person wants to dominate. It also happens to score well with the particular keyword research tool that I like to use SBI's Brainstorm It - Keyword Research Tool . The result in this case is that this business has consistently scored a rank of 1 in Google and other search engines for the past few years.


Please Note: A good domain name alone will Not give you a number 1 rank in the search engines.

Selecting A Domain Name For An Existing Business

Selecting a domain name for an existing business can be an exercise in letting go and trusting the process, if you are heavily invested in the existing name of a business. In our earlier example the business owners business name is Sarah Callister Photography. However as you can see, even though the nature of her business is reflected in this name, it is still too broad, and the competition too great. By narrowing down your domain name you not only increase the chances of winning the placement battle at the search engines, but also increase the Click Through Ratio, because there is an exact match between what your visitor is looking for and that which is offered in your domain name info. But lets not kid about here, unless you head up a big multi-national enterprise with a well established brand like Coca-Cola. Having a different domain name from your business is not going to help you. If you have an existing small business and as yet do not have a website or are planning on updating an existing one, then good keyword research to obtain good domain name info is advisable, particularly if your business name does not convey at the very least the exact nature of your business.

The Use Of Dashes In A Domain Name

The use of dashes in a domain name like in is really for your visitors than for search engines because it makes the domain more readable than without the dashes. Depending on whom you speak to the search engines do not "see" the dashes in the domain so in theory at least, if all else being equal, whether you search on a domain name with or without dashes should not make a difference in the ranking. My personal preference though, especially if competition is hot, is to go with a domain without the dashes, if available and if the domain has 3 or less words, because most people as in our example who are looking for baby photography in Sydney are more likely to search on sydney baby photography than sydney-baby-photography.


A good free keyword research tool that I can recommend is Wordtracker's Free Keyword Research Tool.

I use a keyword research tool called "Brainstorm It". In my opinion it is one of the best tools on the web. For more info click SBI's Brainstorm It Keyword Research Tool.

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