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Free targeted web traffic, four words that make any business owner with a website weak at the knees. Is your niche so big you can't seem to gain any traction? The answer is free targeted web traffic. Are you so busy trying to build traffic for your business that you have no time to do business? The answer is free targeted web traffic. Have you got a ton of traffic but not enough sales? The answer could be you need free targeted web traffic.

free targeted web trafficFree Targeted Web Traffic

Almost any web traffic problem that any small business may have, can indeed be alleviated by ensuring first of all that you have a very clear picture of who your target market is and then go about marketing to them. Now when it comes to marketing on the web there are a number of cool, smart ways to do so for free that really work well, but more about that later.

For now, lets talk more about ensuring you understand why having a clear target market is so important. Michael Port from his New York #1 Best Selling book, Book Yourself Solid, put it this way "... you may be tempted to market to anyone and everyone with the assumption that the more people you market to, the more clients you'll get. While narrowing your market to gain more clients may seem counterintuitive, that's exactly what you need to do to book yourself solid."

Michael goes on to say "...Which would you rather be, a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond...". A practical example of exactly what Michael is speak about here is my own carpet cleaning business, "" which I sold a few years after developing Parkinson's Disease ( PD ).

You see my business was based in Balmain, a suburb of Sydney. Where my website for the carpet cleaning business, had already reached the number one spot in Google. But after a couple of years of running the business with PD, I realised that we needed to move in order to pay down the mortgage and to base myself in the middle of a suburb with larger families, which by default meant I could charge more per job.

The problem I had doing this was that it meant I had to start over, re-establishing myself in the area. I knew the quickest and the cheapest way I could do this was via the web. After I had googled carpet cleaning baulkham hills. I knew that nobody was marketing themselves well on the internet in Baulkham hills or the surrounding suburbs, which represented a shire consisting of about 300,000 households. So I set out establishing my business as a big fish in a small pond as Michael would say, in the geographic sense. For more information on how I did this please read the article on Local Internet Marketing or view the embedded video in the same article.

The result was that I reached the number one spot in Google and other search engines virtually overnight what's more I stayed there for the best part of 5 years. That is FREE online advertising whilst gaining maximum exposure for that time. From a dollar perspective, I can't begin to tell you how much that was worth to my business.

free targeted web traffic pic 2Screen shot as at Sept 2012, even after having sold, still ranks in top 3

How I did this was very simple.

  1. I placed my business in the middle of a suburb dominated by larger family homes. ( that did not already have any carpet cleaners that were marketing themselves well on the internet ).
  2. I placed the names of the suburbs that I wanted to work in, ( otherwise known as keyword hooks ) on my website.
  3. I used very simple and straight forward SEO tips and techniques that I have listed on my web page SEO Marketing.

Social Media was not around when I started my carpet cleaning business, but it is now a powerful way to market your business for free. I use it now to help promote this site. In fact did you know that a good social media strategy, is now essential to good SEO.

Now if the thought of coding your own website makes you break out in a cold sweat. Don't worry, just by placing the suburb names that you'd like to work in, as text on your site, this will serve as hooks for the search engines. Just beware, it may not be enough to get you to number one though.

If you wanted a better SEO'ed website that you could go into and edit yourself at any time ( which is what I recommend, simply because it is convenient and a cheaper option than paying an expert to change things on your behalf ). I recommend checking out my affiliate link on a software pack called Site Build It.

So if your interested in taking action on your website that will result in long term free traffic and increased sales.

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