Graphic Web Designer,
Why Hire One?

The Importance Of Hiring A Graphic Web Designer

Hiring a graphic web designer or a professional logo designer to create your logo is one activity that is worth spending time to get clear on first, Before you go looking for one. There is perhaps nothing else in your business or website that gets more exposure than your logo, so it is worth getting it right.

Ensuring Your Business Needs Are Met By Your Graphic Web Designer

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The best way to ensure your business needs are met is for you to get clear on them first. You will find that writing a design brief will not only help you get what you want but also helps the designer to deliver it to you and in the process saving you both time and you money.

Your brief should include as much information as is necessary to give your designer a clear idea of what your needs are without writing a novel, brief point form notes are sufficient. Your design brief should include at least the following:

  • Your Target Markets Demographics
  • What Idea or Message about your business would you like to communicate to your customers?
  • A general idea of how your business message is expressed e.g.: colour, picture, graphic etc.
  • When you need the logo completed by
  • Your Budget

What To Look For When Shopping For A Graphic Web Designer

Once you have your Design Brief in hand your ready to go shopping. Since you are after a graphic web designer as distinct from a graphic print designer (there is a difference) looking for a designer on the web will help ensure that they have at least a minimum of what is required to do business on the web. Be sure to check out a few recommendations that I will give you at the bottom of the page, under Resources.

  • Portfolio - ensure you are happy with their portfolio first. Is their style in-line with the look and feel you need?
  • Turn Around Time - If this is critical, draw up a Service Level Agreement and have them sign it, and include the points below.
  • How many sample logos are supplied? - a professional designer will usually supply you with 3 to 5 concept designs
  • How many revisions or small changes do they include
  • Ask if they can supply both print as well as web formats if you require them
  • When can they start

How Much Does It Cost?

graphic web designer stainfree logoMy carpet cleaning logo

The cost for a professional logo designer can vary enormously, anywhere from just under $100 per hour to $1000's depending on how much work you need them to do for you - such as market research, testing etc. I can tell you that I paid $500 for my carpet cleaning logo several years ago, but I then I did chose the first logo designer I had come across. You can definitely get a quality logo for less than that now if you really do your some shopping first. To save you time I have done some of the running around for you.

When your ready to start your shopping, check out my recommendations under Resources first.


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