How to Increase Web Traffic for Free,
We Give the Best 10 Ways

It's been said "you can have a website but without traffic you have not got a business online!" Ken Evoy of It would seem that everyone can understand the underlying truth to this statement, but not many people know how to increase web traffic to run their business.

how to increase web traffic how to increase web traffic

In essence there are only two types of traffic! Traffic that is paid for and Traffic that is Free. Anyone can take the easy option and many do pay for traffic but the moment you stop so does your business. The other type is harder to come by and takes time to build, however if done correctly the traffic grows and grows, generated from the buzz of word of mouth and the internet.

In this article I'd like to mention two key elements in how to increase web traffic for free. The main element is of course great, compelling and in demand content. This is really very key, for instance you might be able to write well and make your content compelling, however if it is not in demand you really are rowing your boat up a river against a really strong current. See our web page on Domain Name Info and how keyword research can help here. The second being one way link building or the building of non-reciprocal links back to your site, which can be done in a variety of ways and I'll list some of the best free ways to achieve these as well.

1: Create Content - Provide Free, Great, Compelling And In Demand Content

Great compelling content, is content that your market finds that helps them solve their problem. I am yet to find any type of business that can't offer some type of industry or business related problem solving information online.

However, when great, compelling and in demand content is free, that is when traffic can grow quickly and may even become viral. The question then that you need to ask yourself as the business owner is how much, if any of this content should you make free. Only you can answer that question.

Below are just two examples of businesses I know whom use this principle well. These people offer all of their helpful content for free. The way they monetise their site is to offer paid seminars to their near 100,000 subscribers. They have an annual turnover of $1 million plus. Not bad for a business that has only been around a couple of years. Is owned and run by Andrew Perlot. Andrew makes a full time living from his site. He helps people discover the healing benefits of raw food which helped him overcome among other things, Colitis.

In both these examples the owners use their great compelling and in demand content to attract visitors to their site. Once there, some of those visits will become subscribers to their content and some may end up purchasing products or services.

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2: One Way Link Building - Build Non-Reciprocal Links

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Together with building Free Great, Compelling And In Demand Content, building non-reciprocal links are the core activities to any successful online presence. In regards to link building there are two types; Reciprocal Link Building (where you exchange links with another website) and Non-Reciprocal Link Building.(Where another website, links to you without you needing to link back)

In my view and many others online will agree with me in this. If you are going to build links you might as well build non-reciprocal links. Why? Search engines have worked out that people have taken advantage of link exchange schemes which may provide little if any value to you the search engine customer. In response they now give greater value to non-reciprocal links because they see them of being of more value to the end user.

If you look at it from their perspective you can see why they have done this. They want to give you, the end user highly relevant content when you make a specific search. If a website links to you because they think the content on your site gives value to their customers in someway, well that is like a vote to you. So search engines rank clicks back from that site higher than another site whom has been involved in reciprocal linking because it is less likely they have been just as discriminative.

If you end up with enough of these types of links, your pages rise in the search results giving you more traffic and a higher google PageRank. (The Google PageRank is a measure of a sites link popularity and quality).

In the ideal world you would only choose sites that are highly relevant to your field and that have both a high google PageRank and high traffic. But all things being equal if you are just starting out you are not likely going to get a link from that type of site unless 1: They become aware of you and 2: They feel your content will ultimately help their cause.

3: Site Map Submission To Search Engines

In my opinion you are better off in the first instance getting your site listed with as many well ranking Search Engines as possible. Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing will give you the majority of the available traffic out there but there are many more that are worth getting listed with purely because they have a great PageRank. Get your website listed with as many of these as possible. Do a search on Top Search Engines.

4: Search For And Submit To Topic Related Niche Hubs And Directories

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For anyone wanting to know how to increase web traffic, topic or industry related Niche Hubs, in my view are next in line in terms of value they provide your site. For example if you ran an online maternity-wear store, you would want to get your site listed on sites like , which are sites that have become so influential through providing Free Great, Compelling And In Demand Content that they become a magnet for other smaller related businesses to link to. These hubs give your business great exposure and traffic. The traffic you do get from these type of hubs are more likely to become customers of yours because of the subtle pre-selling that these customers have been exposed to before they reach your site.

Directories like the Yahoo Directory which are compiled by hand are still considered relevant and worthwhile getting listed in, particularly if they have a good PageRank.

5: Article Marketing

Article marketing can be another great source of exposure and sustained traffic. But again be sure they are worth your time and effort use the both Alexa and the Google Toolbar mentioned in this article to ensure maximum gain.

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6: Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking can be a great way to improve both PageRank and Traffic but it requires expert knowledge to truly be able to harness it potential. Start with a couple of the more popular ones like and .

7: RSS Directories

If you utilise RSS on your website you will know the power of it in terms of traffic. One way to maximise that power is to submit your sites feed to RSS Directories. Start by searching on the term RSS Directories.

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8: Local Internet Marketing - Google Maps

An extremely under-utilised tool in my opinion is Google Maps it is relatively simple to use and can have a huge influence in how close to the top of the search results you are listed which in turn drives you more traffic.

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9: Commenting On Blogs And Forums In Your Niche

One immediate but potentially short lived source of traffic is to comment on Blogs and Forums within your niche. For this to work though they must obviously allow people to comment and also allow your signature (the space where your link goes) to appear.

10: Social Media

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Social Media, meaning platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogging etc is perhaps the most powerful way to a get your site Traffic, Improve your PageRank and Get your site picked up at the search engines. But the reason why I have placed it last is that it is a user dependant activity. Meaning the results very much depend on your level of skill also almost as soon as your activity stops in this area so does the traffic.

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Free Tools To Help You Determine a Websites Link Value

Because nobody wants to waste time. Do yourself a favour and download the Free tool bars below. They sit just under the URL Bar of your preferred search engine.

Re the Google toolbar you will need to use the Page Rank Tool. Some browsers won't show this tool automatically. Take the following steps to make it appear on your Toolbar.

1: Click on the Spanner Tool at far right of the Tool bar
2: Under Tools, check the PageRank Check Box... That's it, Your Done!

How To Use These Tools

As no one tool alone gives you an accurate assessment of a websites link value, always use the above tools in combination with your common-sense to help you save you time when finding a site to use in link building.

The Lower the Alexa rank the better and the higher the Google PageRank the better.

So, there you have it 10 ways how to increase web traffic for Free, of course there are many more.

I hope this has helped you. Please remember to share with your friends.

If your interested in taking action on your website that will result in long term free traffic and increased sales.

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