Multiple Google Listings, Why every business needs multiple Google listings!

For those of you whom as yet are not sure of the benefits of having a first place listing on Google. Let me spell it out for you. Traffic and lots of it! ... according to an article by Danny Goodwin where in he sites a study by that actually quantifies the click through rate (CTR) of being ranked 1 (36.4% CTR) through to 20 (1.4% CTR) in Google. It shows that being ranked number 1 in Google for a given search term returns you almost as much traffic as the combined click through rate of being ranked 2nd to 5th.

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"Optify concludes that, because predicting which position your site will appear in Google is basically impossible, your SEO efforts should first focus on getting on Page 1, and then on investing in working your way up to one of the top three spots." ( Danny Goodwin of )

Anyone with any sort of experience with SEO will tell you getting a number 1 spot in Google, isn't quite that easy. So based on some recent marketing work I have done for a client. I want to share with you how I managed to get him a massive 54.1% click through rate.

Now, you'll be wondering if a number 1 spot in Google gives you a 36.4% CTR how is it possible to get a 54.1% CTR ? The answer is of course multiple listings. You see I feel that so much effort is focused in small business in getting the number 1 spot that the obvious work-around is sometimes missed and in this case the returns are much greater than a number 1 spot on it's own.

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In this case, my client whom had been in business for over 25 years in his own words has said since getting him multiple first page listings "I've never been so busy" Eric Kocsis

So here is how I did it.

  • Create a website for your business: in this example it is If you have an existing site and your worried about it not being ranked well, don't be. In this example as you can see the actual site being so new does not even rank anywhere on the first page (at the time of writing, the above mentioned site ranked 11th, excluding Google Maps/Places results). None the less you need a site of your own because you need an anchor or base to send all the traffic through to.

  • Google Maps/Places: Google Maps is probably the best tip I can give you. It is a vastly under-utilised resource. As Google loves quaility content, you do need to give all the information Google asks for and then some including photos, video, text. For good optimisation though, just be sure to place the main relevant keyword at the beginning of your sentences. In this case it is "carpet cleaning services castle hill".

  • Online Directories: Online Directories can be another vastly over looked tool to getting multiple listings. In this case I mean pseudo Yellow Pages, they are great for local internet marketing, many a time they "take" your business name and details with-out asking just to populate their database. Mostly the information is incorrect. So you will have to contact them and have the information corrected. Just be sure to anchor the listing with your current website url.

The cost of taking action on the above steps was a big fat $0. If you have your own website, you can do exactly the same. Google Maps is free and regarding the online directories apart from the which my client was already subscribed to, the others were free.

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