Small Business Web Hosting Services
What Types Are There And What To Look For?

What Are The Different Types Of Hosting

Stand Alone Hosting
When talking small business web hosting services what I like to call Stand Alone Hosting is what is traditionally used. This Stand Alone Hosting typically includes; A certain amount of storage space on the hosts web servers for your web pages, images, etc. Email, as well as your Domain Name.

Bundled Hosting Packages

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In recent years Bundled Hosting Packages have become more popular. For instance this web site your reading now was built using Site Build It or SBI's Bundled Hosting Package. Typically these type of packages as the name suggest give you everything you need to design, build and host your own web site, e.g. typically with the SBI package you get a Domain Name, Hosting, Their Software, Tutorials etc. The only problem is you cant use your own host - that is if you already have a favorite one. Most of these packages are designed for people that have not really done a lot of programing before, if any. So they are very easy to use.

Blog Hosting
Blog Hosting is a little like getting a Bundled Hosting Package but different ( ha ha ). It is the same in that you are provided with a domain name and hosting and as you would expect the hosting is on the blog providers servers. The other thing to keep in mind is that because the domain name is hosted on their servers they normally include their label in your domain name. e.g. A Domain Name on a WordPress Blog would typically look like . Blogging is of course different to having a more traditionally type of web site where the content is more or less static, because the content on a blog is updated more frequently - best practice is that it is update on average three times a day.

What To Look For When Choosing A Web Hosting Company

If you have our heart set on purchasing Stand Alone Hosting. I have an important tip for you.

Since you are reading this, chances are you either a small business person already or aspire to be one. Many small business people are so busy during the day doing what they do best to earn a living, that much of their marketing is left until after work. So it is a very good idea to choose a web hosting provider that has a 24/7 support line. In case you need it. I do a bit of consulting, and have been in situations where I have needed to speak to my clients hosting company, usually after hours only to find they only work on a 9-5 business day. When I mention this to my client very often the response is some like yes I went with them because they are cheap. Frankly the cost of not only hosting but also domain names are so cheap now virtually any where on the web that it is certainly worth your while looking for service as well. After all it is all tax deductible to you guys anyway.

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