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Social Media - How To Win, On 15 Min's Per Day!

You may of heard of the phrase social media marketing or even facebook marketing and twitter marketing? If not, chances are that you are the only one. Facebook marketing , twitter marketing and even youtube marketing are all part of a relatively new method of internet marketing called social media marketing that has well and truly swept the world. But what does all that mean to you the small business owner?

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Well if your anything like the millions small business owners around the world, that have sweet little time or energy at the end of their working day to do much else, let alone to get a handle on this relatively new way to market your business. This article is for you!

Like you I have the same issues with time and juggling my priorities. Yet I know to miss out on marketing my business in this medium would be a Huge mistake. Why? Did you know that facebook is ranked as the second most popular website in the world. The number 1 spot goes to Google, and that out of the top 5 most popular global websites 3 of them are social media websites.

Top 5 Websites Globally

1: Google

2: Facebook

3: Youtube

4: Yahoo


source: july, 2011

There is no doubt that social media is having a big impact on how we look for and at information online. What this means is, if your business is not ranking well in social media searches, your missing out on a big slice of traffic pie.

More Reasons as to why Social Media Marketing should not be over looked comes from an's report for 2011 social media industry report. It states that of the 3300 businesses that were surveyed 72% reported an increase to traffic and subscribers whilst 62% reported improved search engine rankings.



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Many of you may be thinking well that is great, but how do I employ social media in my business with it costing me a lot of time? Further in this article I will show you how to get hooked into social media specifically Facebook and Twitter with spending only 15 minutes (approximately) a day.

The only prerequisite is that you understand a little about RSS first. If you don't, I suggest that you read my page called RSS Explained first, then come back here and finish this lesson.

A Real Life Experience Using Twitter

Automation is the key to much in this new world. Let me give you a "real" world example of how I managed to build a twitter following of 5000 without actually ever making a tweet. That was until I started this website in January 2011.

A couple of years ago I decided to learn about Twitter. In relation to this I had heard about using RSS to automate your tweets. So as part of the learning process I created a stand alone twitter account to help me learn more. I called it online_income01 .


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I searched around for a couple of websites from which I could harvest a large number of regular RSS fed content and fed them straight into my twitter account and sat back to see what happened. Straight away, I started getting close to 50 people following me per day. As time went on though this number gradually dwindled to just a trickle. At first, I did not necessarily understand why I was getting at first what I had thought to be a large number of followers and then just a few.

In any case, apart from channeling all that potential click through traffic to a site that paid me an affiliate commission, nothing else was done to it and that was the way it sat until relatively recently. When I had began doing my research for starting this site, I had discovered that my number of followers had fallen significantly, to less than half. That was when it hit me! That there was a very good reason why this medium is called Social Media, it is all about making connections with others. You can't be an island in this new world and expect to have any measure of success.

To stop the loss of followers and to save me time I had setup an auto follow function using TweetAdder. And started to make actual Real Tweets, presently though I still only tweet the good stuff, content of value to my followers, each time I release a new article for this site I do tweet to let people know of it's release. This translates for me to a 2.5 - 3% click through rate to my website. Which is not bad considering the traffic in terms of dollars was free and time invested for me is presently less than 15 minutes per month. There is nothing flashy about my account it just works.

Some Big Lessons From This Experience Shared

1: You don't need to be on Twitter and Facebook 24/7 to generate traffic.

2: Having stated lesson number 1, Remember Social Media applications like twitter and facebook are all about connecting with community. The people behind these applications factor this into search results. So in short keep it real and do interact occasionally. Best practice has it at 2 to 3 real contributions per day - over the course of the day and reply to your customer base (This is the 15mins I speak about). The other benefit of keeping it real is the viral marketing aspect.

3: Automation, using tools like RSS is a great way to automate almost any content on the web, learn more about it and use it to your benefit.

How To Set Up Automated RSS Feeds To Your Facebook and or Twitter Accounts

1: Go to

The follow screen displays
Social Media Marketing pic1

2: Click the Register Now and sign up for an account

The following screen displays after clicking on Register Now.
social media marketing pic2

Once you have signed up for a new account and automatically signed in you will be taken to the following screen.
social media marketing pic3

3: You are then taken through a Series of 3 Steps in creating your automated feeds.

Step 1:

Type in your desired Feed Name (What you wish to call your feed)


Copy and Paste your desired RSS feed URL (from your favorites RSS feed or one you found when searching on the internet)


It is always a good idea to use the Test RSS Feed button to the right of the url field to ensure you have the correct URL. When correct, a Feed parsed OK message will display.


Click on Advanced Settings

- Under Update Frequency , select how often you would like Twitterfeed to check for New Post from the feed you have entered. The default setting is 30min.

Note !

Twitterfeed may not like some of your chosen setting and may stop your feed if it does not like the frequency and number of feeds you select. Therefore I suggest you experiment. I have found the more feeds and the more often you have it set to feed to your site the less likely twitterfeed will give you any problems.

- Also the the up to number of posts you would like published at a time. (This applies for both Twitter and Facebook)

- You will also notice that under Facebook options by default the Include automatic thumbnails in Facebook wall posts is already checked. I normally leave this as is as I like to add visual interest to my facebook posts by including an image of some sort.

Most everything else relates to Twitter and I normally leave as is.

Step 2:

The following screens displays
social media marketing pic4

From here you can choose either Twitter, Facebook or another application to publish your feed to.

For this example I'll choose Facebook.

The following screens displays
social media marketing pic5

Under option 2 , click the blue Connect with Facebook button.

NOTE: If you have a Facebook Page (or business page ) a list will display where you can make a selection from.

Select your Facebook Page (or business page ) and then click the Create Service button

The following screen displays
social media marketing pic 6

From here you may choose to publish automatic feeds to Twitter or another service if you wish. They all follow the same steps I have just walked you through.

Step 3:

Your Done!

If your interested in taking action on your website that will result in long term free traffic and increased sales.

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