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The Most Powerful Way To Increase Traffic

So you want to increase traffic to your website, you have heard of a few buzz terms such social media, facebook marketing, twitter marketing, viral marketing and so on. You have been wondering if this might be a good way to not only improve your business profile and branding but also if it would really give your business the boost in traffic it needs to do some real business.

In short the answer is Yes, Absolutely! ( I can say that from experience )

Social Media Practitioners Get the Traffic Edge

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Recently Amy Porterfield announced during the Facebook Success Summit for 2011 some pretty powerful findings as to why businesses really need to consider at least some exposure to this new media. The findings by HubSpot state that businesses that have a facebook page with between 501 and 1000 fans had 3.5 times more traffic than those whom had between 1 to 25 fans and those that had 1000 + fans had 22 times more traffic.

Google Confirms Social Media as Key Element

In a recent video, Matt Cutts the big cheese in Google's search engine algorithm, (the maths behind how google allocates a Page Rank to a website) has not only confirmed that Google does in fact use Social Media in determining it's Page Rank for a particular website or blog but recommends it as a key element to a holistic SEO approach in 2011...and beyond.

Video 1

Does Google use data from social sites in ranking?

Video 2

If you were an SEO of a large company, what would you include in your 2011 strategy?

Other Benefits of Social Media

Anybody that has ever built and listed a business website with Google which has had no prior exposure to social media will tell you it would typically take up to about six weeks to get it ranked. Since the advent of this new media however, I have personally found, that it no longer takes weeks to have a clients site listed but hours. That's right hours! Typically even if a business had just established a facebook account with only a few Likes to the page by the time the website has been uploaded and listed with Google in my experience it is picked up and listed in Google within 24 to 48 hours.

Probably the biggest reason that platforms like Facebook have really taken off however, is because of their viral nature. It really takes that old fashioned notion of word of mouth advertising in the real world and places it online. So viral marketing really is word of mouth advertising, online. The big difference of course is when a recommendation is made online, it becomes very easy for others join in and share their experience also, that is when it really becomes viral.

For anybody interested in learning more, I have a couple of really excellent resources below:

These are pretty compelling reasons to at least consider this type of new media as part of your internet marketing strategy going forward.

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